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Your 2020 Game Plan

Updated: May 9, 2020

The excitement and uncertainty of a new year can be a little overwhelming, so with our powers combined we have put together your 2020 horoscope prediction with our own personal tips and tricks to get through the holiday period (and new year!) with ease.

So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, a notepad, and get ready for your 2020 game plan.

1. Make goals that are both ambitious and attainable. Your number one goal might be to ‘get healthier’, but what does this really mean? Do you want to work out more? Or maybe eat more nutritious foods? Be specific with your goals so they become easier to achieve. E.g. This year, I want to start cooking more meals at home or this year, I will only eat take-away once a week.

2. Don’t go crazy with your New Year’s Resolutions. While it’s tempting to make a list of 20 different things you want to change or do throughout the year, the extensive amount of ‘to-do’s’ can actually do the opposite and cause you to feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. Really think about the things you want to achieve and then write them down. Keep your list short and simple.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life can be really complicated and unpredictable, and if you aren’t able to stick to your goals for a day or a week, it’s not the end of the world. Give yourself room to make mistakes and then recoup. Sometimes, we have to fall off track a little to see how far we’ve actually come.

4. Try not to compare yourself to your friends or family. Before you roll your eyes at this sentiment, just… give us a chance. Each of our stories and journeys are so different, which means comparison is redundant. Where your BFFL is right now, may be where you were three years ago and that’s only because they chose to go on a European Contiki whereas you decided to focus on your career 💁🏽‍♀️There is no right or wrong way to approach life, just like there’s no one set guideline for getting to where you want to be. So, let’s ditch the comparison game in 2020.

5. Set your boundaries. Whether it’s your New Year’s plans or your goals for 2020, it’s important you know what your boundaries are and how to introduce them to the rest of your life and the people in it (it's okay to say no to your ex boyfriends, sister's, best friend's NY party). Setting boundaries doesn’t have to be negative, it just means knowing your limits and when to say no, or yes, to the opportunities you are presented. So, if your priority for this year is to save money, let your friends know so when you make plans with each other, you can choose to go for a hike rather than a brunch date.

2020 can be as easy as you plan for it to be (in spite of the random hiccups and celebrity dramas – like, who is T. Swift dating now???).

Now, take what you’ve learnt so far and apply it to what the stars have in store for you.


It sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a year you, Aries. You’re basically on your way to taking over the world! You’ll thrive off the hectic energy 2020 brings, with adventure and an abundance of knowledge in your very (very) near future.

Your birthday month brings you something amazing… can you tell what it is? You’re in your element now, so take advantage of it! Your beliefs and values may be questioned as the year closes in… but you’ll be led exactly where you need to be. Trust in the process, you’re destined for great things.


Taurus… 2020 is going to be YOUR year. You are determined and driven by your desire to live the good life. The planets will work together and may cause you to reflect on the relationship between you, love and money… Alas, you’ve committed yourself to indulging in the pleasures of beauty and abundance – you’ll find yourself enjoying the finer (more expensive) things in life… it’s okay, you do you, boo!

During this year you’ll also find yourself experiencing change… so try to be as open-minded as possible to get you through these testing times.


The year 2020 is a year of deep, soul connection for you, Gemini. You’ll need to slow down a bit this year so you can be aware of miscommunications and misunderstandings… don’t feel disheartened, because you are perceptive enough to be able to work through it. During your birthday month, you’ll find yourself more aware of what’s going on around you – don’t ignore that gut instinct of yours!

Towards the end of the year your body may require you to slow down much more – be aware of any seemingly unimportant health issues and keep up to date with all your usual health checks. Spend 2020 listening to your body.


Self-care should be at the top of your list this year, Cancer. Keeping yourself aligned to the moon’s movements this year will help you to better understand your feelings and behaviours throughout the year. Reunion and healing may be on the cards for you in your relationships, but be sure to keep nurturing these relationships to avoid any old, negative habits.

During your birthday month you will have an opportunity to identify what is and isn’t serving you anymore. You may choose to let go of these things… this is also the perfect time for you to get down and dirty with your self-care routines and rituals.


2020 isn’t so different for you, Leo – you remain to be the life of the party and full of expressive energy! During your birthday month you will bring so much love and joy to your friends and family, and you will, of course, remain the centre of attention.

The middle of the year may bring up some unwanted reflection and emotions you may have buried… this may throw you into a mini identity crisis, but you will be able to break through this testing time between July and December. Your unwavering joy for love and life will pull you through this period.


It seems like an optimistic year is in store for you, Virgo. Start your year open minded and don’t be afraid to throw yourself into some social or networking events. But be mindful of the three Mercury retrogrades this year… you’ll, of course, be familiar with this unpleasant time of year, but your positivity will prove to be VERY effective. Listen to your intuition over logic.

Use this year as an opportunity to get yourself organised and prepared for the future. Now’s the time to visit the doctor and put any health concerns at ease – take care of yourself during 2020, you’ll find great success when you do!


2020 finds you on your way to success, Libra. Your sense of fairness will lead you to be more understanding, forgiving and affectionate… however, as you may already know, you’re openness to negotiate with others may result in undesired outcomes – do your best to stand your ground in these times.

This year will encourage you to discover what you truly love and dislike in your life, helping you to determine that balance you value so highly. This is often a trait that is looked up to by others, so don’t be surprised if you’re friend look at you as #goals this year.


Oooh girl, you are oozing with confidence this year, Scorpio. The theme of this year is: FEELING YO’SELF. You will spend a great deal of time working on you and reinventing your character. But, be careful not to get caught up in you, this may lead to impatience and self-centredness, uh oh.

Your birthday month will find you craving closer, intimate relationships. You generally exhibit an energy that others want to be a part of, but you’ll find yourself being picky about those you spend your time with. Like we said, 2020 is your year and all about YOU.


Hard work and success are on the table for you this year, Sagittarius. Your good luck is directly tied to how hard you work… so, let go of distractions and negative vibes, because they ain’t serving you this year. 2020 will be a year of goal setting and adventures! In your travel you may find yourself a victim to technology glitches (flight delays and GPS malfunctions 😫) so, you may find yourself relying on your intuition rather than our beloved devices.

You will spend your birthday month meeting new people and learning new lessons about life! For you, the journeys and stories are more important than the destination.


2020 is all about aligning with your life’s purpose. You will be called to make some difficult decisions to meet your potential, but you recognise that these times of hard work and development is what is going to get you to the top.

You’ll find moments during the year take a breather, but you’ll quickly find yourself hard at work again and working towards your future. Your birthday month will see you coming into a new (unexpected) light and the people around you will find joy in simply being around you! Find and take opportunities to socialise and share this newfound spirit with others.


2020 will challenge what you’re comfortable with, Aquarius, but your natural pull towards rebellion will guide you through this year. There will be moments of ease, and your instinct to rebel will turn inwards, so prepare yourself for moments of self-destruction (but also redemption – you got dis).

The planets will be moving out of your favour during your birthday month and may leave you in times of unpredictability – get yourself ready for uncertainty and chaos. But remember, you were born a game-change and trendsetter, so you’ll instinctively find a way out of it.


Big dreams and new beginnings are on the cards for you, Pisces. Tune in to your intuition and visions to learn exactly what you’re looking for this year (is it a new car? New eyelashes? Only you can know!). You may find yourself faced with imposter syndrome and doubt, but when you dig deep, you’ll quickly break out of these thoughts and on your way to achieving your goals and surprising yourself with your inner strength and resilience.

Pisces, your strength is admirable, and you will find yourself overcoming obstacles throughout the year, so give yourself time to recoup and reset before the next big thing. 2020 is your year to achieve your goals and find your strength.

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