After Care...

+ Brush your lashes every day

+ Do not swim, or excessively sweat, for at least 4 hours after application, preferably 24 hours

+ Do not pick or rub. Just pat dry after getting them wet, and brush

+ Do not use Mascara or Eyeliner, on top OR bottom eyelashes... if you do need, please ask us for a suitable water-based type that we currently stock

+ For the best look, please book ahead for your infill appointment for 2-3 weeks time

+ Do not use any oily products around your eyes

+ Use oil-free makeup remover, or wipes

+ Do not sleep on lashes

+ Purchase our Foaming Lash Cleanser to avoid common Eye irritations from build up of natural oils & dead skin: Just $29.95, including Cleansing brush - Apply 2-3 times per week

+ Please consider using our Lash Growth Serum, to strengthen your natural lashes while having Eyelash Extensions (completely safe for retention)

Eye Envy Co has After Care Kits available for purchase... 


Purchase individually:

Water Based Mascara

Water Based Eyeliner

Lash Growth Serum

Vegan Eyelash Shampoo + Cleansing Brush

Eyelash Extensions, Gold Coast