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Grow your Beauty Business

with April!


Does this sound like you...

  • You've mastered the art of applying Lash Extensions, or maybe you're a Brow Artist or Beautician, and now you're ready to Scale your business, but don't know where to start?

  • Have you been looking for someone to help mentor you through the next stage of business?

  • Would you rather have someone with experience, give you the right advice now, rather than learn for yourself and risk failing?

  • Are you feeling burnt out and not sure how to GROW your business but get some balance back into your personal life?

  • or, Have you been wondering how to make your beauty business busier with more clients?

  • Not happy with how much money you're making in your business and want to know how to earn more?

  • Do you know that your business is ready to scale, because you're tired from working long hours, stupid days and always saying yes to clients for fear of letting them down?

  • Not sure where to go from here, or how to earn more money than you do already?

  • OR, Are you Just ready to turn your Beauty Business into a 6-figure multi income stream money making machine?


If any of these resonate with you, then maybe you are ready for a Business Mentor! That's Exciting stuff!! 


April has had much success in recent years... starting her salon from her spare bedroom as a side hustle, to quitting her job and renting a beauty room, and now owning her own booked out 6 figure salon, with amazing staff, a second business selling Beauty Supplies, a third business selling Cosmetics direct to consumers, and an Online and In Person Training Studio, since 2016. 


Let April & her Team help guide you through your next stage of business, and let the results speak for themselves!


Here's what we will be diving into:


✨How to set up your business

✨Goal Setting

✨Website, SEO, Domain 

✨Personality Quiz

✨Brand Guidelines + Graphic Design

✨Customer Avatar

✨Customer Perceived Value

✨Price Structure + Charging your Worth

✨Retail Products + Service Add Ons

✨Client Booking System

✨How to Fill your Calendar

✨Feedback + Reviews

✨Payment Options

✨Stock Purchasing

✨How to take Content that converts

✨Marketing with FB + Instagram

✨Google Business + Ads

✨Email Marketing

✨Newsletters, Blogs + SMS Campaigns

✨Salon Lease + Signage Advice

✨Hiring Staff

✨Educating + Income Streams


✨Trusted Contacts

✨Group Zoom Calls

✨Facebook Group

DOORS ARE OPEN: Please fill in the Event link at the bottom of this page for us to get to know you better and get in contact with you about your business goals. You can choose to join us for 1 on 1 Coaching which includes Zoom coaching calls or purchase the Beauty Business Course for you to go through each module at your own pace.

Click the link to SIGN UP here:

You can also choose to work with us via hourly coaching at $99/hr, we do suggest 3 hours minimum to get the most out of Coaching.

If you would like more information, feel free to email us via our Contact Us section and we can chat more over the phone about your needs and concerns when it comes to your Beauty Business.


Chat soon,

Eye Envy Co. Team xx 

"Beauty Business Growth Course: for Lash + Brow Artists"
"Beauty Business Growth Course: for Lash + Brow Artists"
Time is TBD
Online Business Mentoring with Eye Envy Co.
You've started your home salon... so what's NEXT?
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