Grow your Business

with Us!

Does this sound like you...

  • You've mastered the art of applying Lash Extensions, or maybe you're a Brow Artist or Beautician, and now you're ready to Scale your business, but don't know where to start?

  • Have you been looking for someone to help mentor you through the next stage of business?

  • Would you rather have someone with experience, give you the right advice now, rather than learn for yourself and risk failing?

  • Do you know that your business is ready to scale, because you're tired from working long hours, stupid days and always saying yes to clients for fear of letting them down?

  • Not sure where to go from here, or how to earn more money than you do already?


If any of these resonate with you, then maybe you are ready for a Business Mentor! That's Exciting stuff!! 


April has had much success in recent years... starting her salon from her spare bedroom as a side hustle, to quitting her job and renting a beauty room, and now owning her own booked out 6 figure salon, with amazing staff, a second business selling Beauty Supplies, and an Online and In Person Training Studio, in just 5 years. 


Let April & her Team help guide you through your next stage of business, and let the results speak for themselves!


Here's what we will be diving into:


✨How to set up your business

✨Goal Setting

✨Website, SEO, Domain 

✨Personality Quiz

✨Brand Guidelines + Graphic Design

✨Customer Avatar

✨Customer Perceived Value

✨Price Structure + Charging your Worth

✨Retail Products + Service Add Ons

✨Client Booking System

✨How to Fill your Calendar

✨Feedback + Reviews

✨Payment Options

✨Stock Purchasing

✨How to take Content that converts

✨Marketing with FB + Instagram

✨Google Business + Ads

✨Email Marketing

✨Newsletters, Blogs + SMS Campaigns

✨Salon Lease + Signage Advice

✨Hiring Staff

✨Educating + Income Streams


✨Trusted Contacts

✨Group Zoom Calls

✨Facebook Group

 DOORS ARE OPEN: Please follow the link here to join the first group of 2022! Spots are limited, with doors closing in 2 weeks! We only take a small number of beauty businesses, so that we can focus our time and attention on them for 3 months to grow and scale. Then our next group will open from April 2022.

Click the link to SIGN UP here:

You can also choose to work 1 on 1 with us: for in person or Zoom Coaching at $99/hr. We suggest 2-3hrs minimum, to gain the most value from our time.

If you would like to book 1 on 1 or more information, feel free to email us via our Contact Us section.


Chat soon,

Eye Envy Co. Team xx 

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