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Will eyelash extensions damage my eyelashes?

Gold Coast lash technician applying eyelash extensions

Imagine waking up each morning looking and feeling like a queen. Ah – what a life! 💅🏼 For some, that’s exactly how eyelash extensions make them feel, which explains why so many people love their lash extensions. The trend is growing increasingly popular, which means lash technicians and salons are popping up everywhere to meet the demand. More demand = more technicians = more room for error. Eek.

Like all beauty treatments, we can feel a little sceptical of what they’re actually doing and whether we’re setting ourselves up for a lifetime of correcting one tiny mistake (remember that time you tried to wax your own eyebrows? Yeah, never again). So, what’s the deal with eyelash extensions? Are they a lifetime commitment? Will eyelash extensions damage my real eyelashes?

What are lash extensions?

Firstly, you have to understand the application process of eyelash extensions. Unlike your usual fake lashes, lash extensions are a semi-permanent option. The process involves gluing tiny individual lashes on top of your natural lashes. The application should only be performed by an experienced and qualified lash technician as it’s an extremely intricate process. The application can take up to two hours to complete, so make sure you pick a technician you feel comfortable with and confident in. Take a look at reviews and make sure they post examples of their past work.

After your application is complete, your lash technician will run you through how you can best care for your lashes till your next appointment. Lashes can last between 2-4 weeks if cared for properly.

Why do people get lash extensions?

There are many reasons why people get lash extensions, with the most common reason being to add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to their everyday makeup routine. With eyelash extensions, you get that put together feeling of having a completely done up face with just a couple of extra lashes on your top lash line. Some people even forego their usual makeup routine when their eyelashes are looking fluffy and luscious. What a dream 😍

Not only do lash extension make you look incredible, you also feel incredible too. Treating yourself to extensions is a little act of self-love and when you go to a reputable lash technician, the application itself is a relaxing, indulgent experience and you’ll feel pampered and completely loved up by the end of your appointment.

What are the side effects of lash extensions? Can they damage your natural lashes?

So, you want the juicy goss on lash extensions? To begin, it’s important to note that all treatments and beauty applications have risks. But, like most things, risk can be avoided through thorough research, choosing a reputable, qualified and experienced technician, proper aftercare and careful cleaning habits, and professional removals. Now, if you don’t follow the aforementioned recommendations, you may be at risk of the following:

1. Infection (and lash lice! 😷). Yes, you can incur an infection from an incorrect lash application! Generally, this comes down to your technician, the products used, and your lash cleaning habits. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to pick a lash technician who knows what they’re doing and uses quality products. There are so many courses and great lash training programs out there (like ours! Just click here to find out more), so ensure your technician has gone through the necessary steps to becoming a lash technician.

You’ll also need to develop an eyelash cleaning routine. Make sure you keep them clear of skin and makeup debris, and use an appropriate eyelash cleanser. There are many eyelash shampoos available, like this one, that will keep your eyelashes clean without damaging your lashes. Not only can you develop an infection from poor hygiene, it can also lead to blepharitis, which can weaken your natural lashes and cause them to fall out, and MAYBE even develop lash lice. No, thank you! 🙅🏽‍

2. Natural lash damage. There are a few reasons why your natural lashes may be damaged from eyelash extensions. Number one, a poor application. Poor application of lash extensions can result in eyelashes being glued together, which can prevent your eyelashes from growing naturally and consequently, your lash extensions AND natural lashes fall out before they’re meant to. Lash technicians need to consider the length and weight of your lash extensions to ensure your natural lashes can hold the weight. If your natural lashes cannot handle the weight of the extensions, they will break and fall out. 😫

Once again, if you’ve carefully selected your lash technician and know they’re good at their job, this won’t be an issue. Your lash tech will go through all the steps needed to look after your lashes. If your technician has told you not to do something, listen to them! Rubbing, touching, and rough/incorrect cleaning habits can contribute to lash alopecia, where your eyelashes can stop growing all together. However, with an experienced lash technician, these side effects are avoidable!

3. THE MOST COMMON AND FINAL SIDE EFFECT! The one guaranteed side affect you will have from lash extensions is the incessant need to admire yourself in the mirror. Ha - don’t say we didn’t warn you!

At the end of the day, your lash extensions will treat you well if you treat them well by choosing a lash technician or salon that is experienced and qualified to do the job. Lash extensions can be a regular, ongoing act of self-love that becomes part of your beauty routine, with no side effects, if done properly.

If you have any other questions about your lashes or want to book your next lash appointment or lash training with us (the best lash studio on the Gold Coast 😏), just click here!

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