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The Faces Behind Eye Envy Co.

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

You’ve been in the salon, you’ve left with luscious lashes, you've had a good laugh… and you have totally forgotten your lash tech’s name – oops. But you know that you both bonded over your guilty pleasure of the Bachelorette and that she totally slayed your brows and eyelash extensions.

The reason why each of your visits to Eye Envy Co are so enjoyable is because of our team of experienced lash and brow techs. Our staff bring their personality and skills to the table so every time you leave our salon, you’re already booking in your next eyelash or brow appointment.

For those of you who have been around since the beginning, you have seen our team and salon grow and we thought it was about time we shone the spotlight on the faces behind Eye Envy Co – the reasons why our salon has grown into what it is today. Plus, this way you’ll know exactly who’s been looking after you and you can book in with your fave to finish your conversation around conspiracy theories.


Haaaave you met Elli? Elli has been lashing for almost two years and taming brows since she can remember! Her wealth of knowledge and experience has granted her the official title of our Brow Queen. If you’re lucky enough to book in with Elli, you’ll absolutely love her down to earth personality, and warm but professional nature. You’ll most likely get swept away by Elli’s charm and completely forget she leads a double life training to become a Professional Fighter - Elli’s trained in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. While the combination of lash tech and UFC fighter doesn’t usually make sense, Elli makes it work so well.


Let us introduce you to Tash. Now, we don’t want to brag but Tash is trained in all aspects of lash and brow services… plus more! Tash has been a part of the beauty industry for a long, long time and is a self-confessed perfectionist – exactly the type of person you want working on your face (no dodge jobs over here)!

If you want to hear Tash passionately chatter on throughout your appointment, a safe place to start is plants – Tash is the ultimate plant mama and will have all the tips and tricks for keeping your lashes fierce AND your plants alive. She’s a little ray of sunshine and will have you laughing SO hard your face will hurt (in the best way possible!).


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s our beautiful Angel. Staying true to her name, Angel is the human beauty therapist equivalent of having heavenly powers. Angel has her Diploma in Beauty Therapy and a Certificate in Eyelash Extensions, and is particularly experienced in lash lifts, makeup application, massage, manicures and henna eyebrows, so you just know you’re in good hands. Angel grew up in Rockhampton, and recently made the move to the Gold Coast with her partner – she’s very calming, and is so friendly and passionate about her work that she’ll make you feel like a total goddess by the end of your appointment.


Last but definitely not least is the powerhouse and brains behind the biz – April. April is a 3 x Certified Lash Technician with over 3 years of experience in the industry – she’s qualified in lash lifts, facial waxing and tinting, and henna eyebrows, but her one true love is lashing. With the recent arrival of her second bub, April has taken a step back from lashing and now leads Eye Envy Co. eyelash extension courses and training, and product development. April has combined her background in Retail Management, Business Admin, Dental and Cosmetics to create a thriving hub of beauty specialists and services. Through April’s hard work and dedication, she has brought you Eye Envy Co - your number one spot for eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast.

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