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How to grow your natural lashes without extensions or lash lifts

Lash growth serum for long lashes

Let’s face it. Giant doll-like lashes are the dream 🤩 … aaaand most of us would do anything to achieve that dream. Seriously, I’m not joking – some of us are applying olive oil to our lashes in an effort to stimulate dramatic lash growth. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t work… but it goes to show the lengths we go to for the perfect set of eyelashes. Whilst it would be easier to get a set of eyelash extensions and have perfectly long and fluffy lashes every day, some of us struggle with sensitive skin or other skin or eye conditions, or we simply don’t like the feeling of lash extensions and so eyelash extensions aren’t an option. So, what else can be done? Are we limited to strip lashes and messy lash glue for the rest of our lives? Not quite. We’ve had a snoop around and have sourced two options for our lash lovers who are looking to achieve those luscious long lashes with little mess and little effort – yep, we found a solution to naturally grow your eyelashes. The answer? Lash growth serum.

EyEnvy Lash Conditioner

Our first lash growth serum pick is the EyEnvy Lash Conditioner. Trust us when we say this stuff is UNREAL 👏🏽. The EyEnvy Lash Conditioner has achieved amazing results for lash lovers everywhere (did we mention you can also apply the conditioner to your eyebrows for fuller and thicker brows?), with customers reporting increased lash length and density! Helllooo #lashgoals. The conditioner works to nourish your hair roots with vitamins and strengthening peptides, which stimulates lash growth. We love that for you! Simply apply the conditioner to your lash line and expect results within 4-6 weeks. Wanna’ know where you can find this stuff? Just send us an email at to order your EyEnvy Lash Conditioner!

Long Lashes: Eyelash Serum

If you’re looking for something you can order right now (for those of you who cannot wait to get your lashes looking fierce – don’t worry, we get it) we LOVE the Long Lashes Eyelash Serum. This serum is to die for! The Long Lashes serum will help to nourish and repair your lashes, which is essentially all you need to promote lash growth and to achieve that fluffy, thick lash look. Results can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks, but we promise it’s worth the wait. Simply apply the serum to clean and dry lashes and go about your day! It’s that easy. You can order your Long Lashes serum here.

Now you may be wondering… “Can I still get eyelash extensions and grow my natural lashes?”

We get this question a lot. And the simple answer? Yes! Lash growth serums can actually work wonders for anyone (even our loyal lash extension clients), and can even help the eyelash extension process as your eyelashes will grow stronger and healthier, which makes it easier for your lash tech to work their magic. What you will need to be mindful of are lash serums that contain oil. These serums will affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions, so it’s best to opt for a lash growth serum that is oil-free and eyelash extension friendly. Lucky for you, EyEnvy and Long Lashes are both oil free!

Lash growth serum are the perfect option for anyone who might be concerned or worried about getting lash extensions. We also suggest lash growth serums for anyone who might just be looking to give their lashes a bit of extra TLC. If you have any questions about lash growth serums, or would like our advice on the right serum for you, just send your questions to and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Remember, we all deserve beautifully luscious lashes!


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