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How to become the BEST lash artist on the Gold Coast

Updated: May 9, 2020

So, you’re kind of obsessed with lashes – huh? Us too! Actually, we can’t believe we’re able to do what we love every day – it’s like an ongoing party filled with the most beautiful eyelash extensions! We’re even more stoked to hear that you’re ready to take your lash obsession to the next level.

But here’s the thing. You can’t just start applying lashes just ‘cause. A good lash artist goes through training and works under supervision to ensure their application techniques and lash knowledge is at a professional standard. At Eye Envy Co., each of our lash technicians have gone through their own training and have proved their skills are above average (is it bias to go one step further and claim our lash techs are the best in the business? 💁🏽‍♀️). For your professional reputation and the sake of your client’s eyelash health, it’s important for you to take an eyelash extension course provided by a reputable organisation or salon.

Eyelash extension training courses should be taught by experienced lash technicians who are well-recognised within the industry. Don’t be afraid to ask around and find out where your fave lash tech was trained and suss out that lash course, gurl. Otherwise, you’d probably know that as well as our lash and beauty services, we also offer our own eyelash extension training program! Yep – it’s your lucky day!

What sort of lash training programs do we offer?

At Eye Envy Co. we offer a few different options to accommodate for a range of training needs. Our lash courses can be completed online, in a workshop, or as a 1:1 training. Each option serves its own purpose and will be fundamental to your journey as a lash artist.

Each of our in-person options, 1:1 training or workshops, cover extensive (and important!) theory, lash application, infill training and lash removal practice. You will have a chance to perform applications and removals on a mannequin and may also have the opportunity to practice on a live model, depending on the option you choose. How’s that for an extensive training? 🙌🏽

For those members of our lash gang who are interstate or even overseas, or maybe just prefer to learn online, we do offer online courses that cover all the good theory stuff, minus the physical application stuff. Our online lash extension courses are a great starting point if you’ve just entered the industry and want to build your knowledge, or if you have been in the industry for a while and want to refine your knowledge.

While we go through the crucial steps required to be a boss lash tech, at the end of the day, it’s important to understand your motivations around becoming the best lash artist on the Gold Coast – it should be about loving what you do and being the best you can be, which means constant learning and self-improvement. To get to a point where you’re confident and proficient in your abilities, it’s important that you stay committed to your practice, whilst learning from the best in the biz.

Who will you be learning from?

As we’ve previously mentioned, a key component to your training should be learning from someone who is qualified and full of (impressive!) experience. So, we’re taking this moment to highlight our head lash tech and CEO, April. April leads our courses because, well, we can’t think of anyone better or more qualified. April is a 3 x Certified Lash Artist, who was mentored and learnt her skills from Jay Hong from Jaylash Beauty. April has done the hard work herself to get to this point and wants to share all her tips and tricks to becoming the best lash artist in town.

Lash artistry is a truly rewarding career choice and opens you up to a world of amazing opportunities and incredible people. The journey you embark on to become a lash artist is key to your success in the industry. Give yourself the best chance to succeed by enrolling in one of the BEST programs on the Gold Coast (that’s ours!). Just click here to find out more information and take your first steps to achieving your career goals!

Wanna learn brow techniques or how to do lash lifts? Maybe you want to receive personal coaching from April? Just head to our training page HERE for more information on all our courses and training programs.

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